Genova & Dimitrov Piano Duo
cpo 555 453-2

▪ 29.AUG 2021: The video trailer to the new CD! 💕
Directed by Nikolay Vasilev! Countdown to release of #AmyBeachComplete is on! 🚀 AMY BEACH Complete Works for Piano Duo Trailer

▪ 4.AUG 2021: After a successful filming session for the new video trailer some relax at our favourite place. 💙❤Amy Beach Video Trailer Filming Session

▪ 30.MAR 2021: BNR Bulgarian National Radio with a large Recording Announcement in multiple languages!
Available soon also in DE, CP, GR, RS, TR, AL BNR Bulgarian National Radio with a superb Recording Announcement in 10 languages!!

▪ 8.MAR 2021: Amy Beach Recording Session Compilation 💖💖🎹🎹🎶🎙️🎤💿
Amy Beach Recording Session Compilation

▪ 2.FEB 2021: "Rachmaninoff against all clichés, Amy Beach a real treasure!"
The BNT Bulgarian National Television feature of Miglena Stoytcheva about the studio recordings of Amy Beach's Complete Piano Duo Works being just accomplished by the Genova & Dimitrov Piano Duo at the Great Concert Hall of Radio Cologne WDR as well as about the Aglika & Liuben's 25th artistic birthday and their recent double CD release of the Complete Piano Duo Works by Sergei Rachmaninoff (cpo) `Rachmaninoff against all clichés, Amy Beach a real treasure!`

▪ 14.JAN 2021: The very first sounds 🎶 from the world premiere recordings of Amy Beach Complete Piano Duo Works at the WDR Radio Cologne Great Concert Hall
Amy Beach First Recorded Sounds

▪ 12.JAN 2021: Mission accomplished, the Complete Piano Duo Works of fantastic Amy Beach have been recorded!!!🎉🎉
Greatest thanks to Recording Supervisor Stephan Hahn, Recording Engineer Dirk Franken, piano technician Hans Giese, and page turners Anna Glüer and Stephan Hensen. Very special thanks to WDR3 Radio Cologne Executive Producer Andrea Zschunke as well as to Chris Trotman (Women's Philharmonic Advocacy)!Amy Beach Recordings Accomplished
Amy Beach Recordings Accomplished