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«Dedicated to our beloved teacher Vladimir Krainev» 

▪ "Richly Rewarding Piano Suites by Anton Arensky" (USA)
"Genova and Dimitrov perform with such a delicate and pearly touch that Arensky’s melody seems wrapped in a shower of jewels... This is a very fine recording!", reports in poetic and euphoric style the reviewer of the leading US American music system HBDirect about the CD in the reviews area Expedition Audio.

▪ Fanfare Magazine in ecstasy (USA)
The US American music magazine Fanfare reports ecstatically about the CD in its recent issue - "Duo-Pianism of the highest order... A sparkling rendition!"

▪ Hannoversche Allgemeine newspaper: "Adorable Piano Enchantments" (Germany)
Hannover's leading newspaper - the Hannoversche Allgemeine - review the CD of the Duo: "Remarkable artistic range. Genova & Dimitrov play these adorable piano enchantments just as masterfully, as sensitive."

▪ American Record Guide rhapsodizes (USA)
"Genova and Dimitrov are brilliant. Their ensemble is spot on. A fantastic recording!", rhapsodizes America's leading music magazine the American Record Guide about the CD in its recent issue.

▪ CD Special Recommendation of Piano InForum (Luxemburg)
"Anton Arensky - Five Suites for Two Pianos" was chosen to be CD Special Recommendation of the Luxemburg online magazine Piano InForum.

▪ Arensky CD: "Buy Recommendation of the Month" of Klassika Magazine (Germany)
The new CD of the Duo "Anton Arensky - Five Suites for Two Pianos" was announced a "Buy Recommendation" of the Klassika Magazine 11/2012.

▪ BBC Music Magazine about G&D (Great Britain)
"Genova & Dimitrov's interpretations are a first-rate advocacy for Arensky's unfailingly attractive and tuneful Suites". 4 Stars Top Rating.

▪ The "Stern" Magazine awards Genova & Dimitrov with its 4* Top Rating (Germany)
"Finest recordings... Sparkling virtuosity... Motivating... A rediscovery!"

▪ The "Spiegel" Magazine (Germany)
"Genova & Dimitrov piano duo - snappiness with deep thoughtfulness! Two perfectly harmonizing virtuosi!"

▪ The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung announces its judgement (Germany)
"Played by the Genova & Dimitrov piano duo with rich, full-blooded sound, but simultaneously remarkably mellow, the Five Suites of Anton Arensky go directly into one's ear and heart"

▪ "A Discographic Benchmark", Musik & Theater (Switzerland)
"Sublime interpretations on highest pianistic level"

▪ 5* Top Rating from Graz (Austria)
"With its subtlety and virtuosity the homogeneous piano duo Genova & Dimitrov makes this elegant music flourish." 5 Stars Top Rating of the Graz Kleine Zeitung.

▪ CD Special Recommendation of the Bavarian Radio Munich (Germany)
"Once these Suites are played with such an enchanting panache, rhythmically so flexible and simultaneously so catchy, as they are played in this soundly superb new CD recording of the Genova & Dimitrov piano duo, then they make just enormous fun. A real discovery!"

▪ Special CD Recommendation of the "Musique pour tous" Magazine (Canada)
"The world-known Genova & Dimitrov piano duo makes this music immortal. Genova & Dimitrov are brilliant, incisive and highly musical duo. They are the experts in that genre."

▪ 10* Top Rating of the "Klassik Heute" Music Magazine (Germany)
"Effortless and soundly sensitive interpetations with wit and classiness."

▪ 4* Top Rating of the Vienna "Kronenzeitung" (Austria)
"Delightfully colorful, sound sensitive and homogenous recordings. A blessing for the ear!"

▪ Audiophile Audition Special CD Recommendation (USA)
"Effervescent music with amazingly charming, simple and direct melodies. Excellent recordings!"

▪ Radio New Zealand
The New Zealand National Radio dedicates five consecutive presentation broadcastings to the CD.

▪ Special CD Recommendation of KulturRadio RBB Berlin Brandenburg (Germany)
"Irresistible and Adorable!", 5 Stars Top Rating "Excellent", Special CD Recommendation

▪ NordWest Radio Bremen strongly recommends the CD (Germany)
"Aglika Genova and Liuben Dimitrov belong for long time already to the top of the piano duo world... They live and breath the music together... This is a superb new album of Genova & Dimitrov!"

▪ "Elegant strokes of genios", Klassik.com (Germany)
Top rating for Interpretation, Sound Quality and Repertory Value.

▪ Special CD Recommendation of HR Radio Frankfurt (Germany)

▪ Radio NDR Hamburg/Hannover (Germany)
"Arensky himself couldn't even dream of better interpreters of his music than the Genova & Dimitrov piano duo.... Imaginative and diversified... More than just an artwork."









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