Piano Duo Genova & Dimitrov • Genesis Orchestra • Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra • Yordan Kamdzhalov
cpo 555 090-2

▪ The Danish Radio
appoints Genova & Dimitrov's CD «Czerny & Bruch» to "Special Recommendation" of its P2 Program | read

▪ "Full of Life and Effervescence! Performed with panache and absolute perfection"
this is how Jan Kampmeier describes the new CD of the Piano Duo in his top review at klassik.com | read

▪ Christ's Ascension Day: the Swiss Radio SRF 2 Kultur
dedicates its "Concerto" broadcasting to the Genova & Dimitrov Piano Duo and their new orchestra CD | watch

▪ 5 Stars Review on the Piano Duo's new CD
from jpc Top 10 Reviewer Meiernberg: "The Duo Genova & Dimitrov is excellent... A strongly recommendable CD!" | read

▪ Austria wakes up with Carl Czerny!
The main Austrian radio & TV media ORF1 Ö1 chooses the recordings of Czerny's Concerto from the Piano Duo's new CD as musical framework of the popular "Good Morning, Austria!" broadcasting. | watch

▪ The Piano Duo guest starring the Bulgarian National TV BNT2 show "Recipe for Culture"
talks in interview with host Yuri Datchev about the new CD, the past and upcoming concerts, and the things of everyday's life | watch

▪ «Concerti» Magazine with amazing review
about the new CD (May 2018): "Brisk, polished, and still grasping. A rewarding music rarities treasury room!" | read

▪ The «Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung» Newspaper
presents the new CD of Genova & Dimitrov. By Stefan Arndt | read

▪ "Prize Winning Piano Duo Genova & Dimitrov", The Swiss Radio SRF Kultur
with a special "Concerto" broadcasting about Genova & Dimitrov and their new CD | listen

▪ "Virtuosic, Diverse, Charming": 
the German "Klassik Heute" (Classic Today) Magazine with a brilliant review on the new CD | read

▪ Bulgarian National Television BNT1
announces in the News the release of the new CD in an interview of the Duo with Miglena Stoicheva | watch

▪ The Piano Duo live at Bulgaria ON AIR TV
in interview about their new CD release, the upcoming concerts, and their life after the ECHO CLASSIC awarding. With TV Anchors Lora Indzhova and Zlatimir Iochev | watch

▪ «Pizzicato» Magazine Luxembourg with top-rating review
by Chief Editor Remy Franck on the Duo's new CD: "Brilliant performances by Piano Duo Genova & Dimitrov and a rather seldom played repertoire make this cpo release highly attractive." | read

▪ The German «Schaumburger Zeitung» Newspaper with a large feature
about the Duo, its new CD "Czerny & Bruch", and the ECHO CLASSIC Award. By Frank Westermann | read

▪ The Hristo Botev Programme of the Bulgarian National Radio presents the new CD
"Music Mania", the Hristo Botev classical broadcasting of the Bulgarian National Radio to present Genova & Dimitrov's new CD "Czerny & Bruch": Svetlana Stoyanova in studio interview with the Duo | listen

▪ The new CD in the Horizon Programme of the Bulgarian National Radio
The new CD "Czerny & Bruch" presented on the Bulgarian National Radio: Horizont Program "Allegro Vivace" journalists Tatyana Ivanova and Irena Gadeleva in live studio interview with the Duo | listen

▪ «CD RECOMMENDATION» of Radio Bremen
"Czerny & Bruch" has been announced the "CD Special Recommendation" of Radio Bremen! 21.March 2018, 11:40 CET, radio journalist Wilfried Schäper on Bremen Zwei: "Exemplary recordings!" | read

▪ «Leporello» Broadcasting, BR Classic Radio Munich
Oswald Beaujean with brilliant CD review about "Czerny & Bruch" in the «Leporello» broadcasting of the BR Classic Radio | read

▪ «CD RECOMMENDATION» of Bavarian Radio Munich
The first media worldwide to present officially the new CD "Czerny & Bruch": "Highly convincing!" | read

▪ 26.February 2018: The new CD of the Piano Duo has been released!







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