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A sixteen-year-old girl and an eighteen-year-old boy are each seated at the piano in their respective home towns, separated by two-hundred miles. Though unknown to each other, each is furiously practicing Franz Liszt‘s Mephisto Waltz: a major solo competition is looming on the horizon, and in a couple of days the two young artists will „square off“ against each other with this piece. Twenty-five years and dozens of prizes later, the same two pianists trade glances across two concert grands in Hans Rosbaud Studio, Baden-Baden. But rather than squaring off, they are now appearing together as the well-known piano duo Genova & Dimitrov. Once again, the musical focus falls on Franz Liszt. 

„This time the music unveils completely different worlds of unbounded emotion dwelling in every sound of these pieces – emotions that caused Liszt himself not only to burst the limits of what the piano can do, but to mirror the profound depths of human feeling. Owing to our common background in and strong emphasis on solo playing, we decided to devote this recording to Franz Liszt‘s original works for two pianos and his own duo versions of his solo works.“ 

Aglika Genova and Liuben Dimitrov


▪ The top rating of "Singapore Straits Times" on the Franz Liszt CD | SG
Singapore's main newspaper "Singapore Straits Times" publishes its top rating press review on Genova & Dimitrov's Franz Liszt CD (cpo): "The excellent Bulgarian duo of Aglika Genova and Liuben Dimitrov" | read

▪ "Exhilaratingly played!": Liszt CD becomes The Sunday Times' "Essential new release" (Great Britain)
The Sunday Times London appraises highly Genova & Dimtirov's CD Franz Liszt - Works for Two Pianos as "Essential new release" | read

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"Strongly Recommended CD" - Austria's leading cultural print and online news media "Der Neue Merker" highlights the new Liszt CD of Genova & Dimitrov, comparing it to Wilhelm Kempff's legendary solo performances | read

▪ "Franz Liszt - Works for Two Pianos": CD Special Recommendation of hr2 Kultur Radio Frankfurt | GE
"Virtuosity at 176 Keys: The Piano Duo Genova & Dimitrov plays Liszt", headlines the German hr2 Kultur Radio Frankfurt its nomination of the Duo's new CD "Franz Liszt - Works for Two Pianos" as a Special Recommendation | read

▪ "Liszt!": the Swiss Radio SRF 2 Kultur dedicates its program to Genova & Dimitrov's new CD | CH
Under the title "Liszt!" the Swiss Radio SRF 2 Kultur dedicates its Concerto program on 20.March 2015 to Genova & Dimitrov's new CD "Franz Liszt - Works for Two Pianos".

▪ "There is much love in Liszt's music!": Genova & Dimitrov's interview at the BR Bavarian Radio classical show "Leporello" | GE
25 years ago they were both preparing for an important upcoming international competition with Franz Liszt's music. Today they play again Liszt - together. Elgin Heuerding spoke with the piano duo | listen

▪ Christoph Vratz's brilliant press review in the "Concerti" Magazine | GE
"At full throttle in the free spots. Prudence, Taste and Skillfulness: Totally Piano!", Christoph Vratz in his brilliant press review on the Duo's new CD "Franz Liszt - Works for Two Pianos" (cpo 777 896-2) in the German "Concerti" Magazine | read

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Music guru Peter Cossé acclaimes highly the Duo's new CD "Franz Liszt - Works for Two Pianos" (cpo 777 896-2) appraising it the top score of the leading German classical magazine "Klassik Heute" (Classic Today): "So beautifully outlined, so vivid in the characteristic draft, so synchronized at the split of second" | read

▪ Sylviane Falcinelli's review about the new CD "Franz Liszt - Works for Two Pianos" | FR/P
As very first journalist worldwide, it is the music reviewer Sylviane Falcinelli, who publishes her dazzling press review about the new CD "Franz Liszt - Works for Two Pianos" cpo 777 896-2, appraising it a top rating | read

▪ "What an euphony! What a tone richness!" JPC Osnabruck | GE
"Sound surprises! What an euphony! What a tone richness! The Genova & Dimitrov piano duo performs with highest virtuosity, without to ever place it at the foreground. A must have!", reports the JPC journalist euphorically and poetically likewise in his review about the CD "Liszt - Works for Two Pianos".









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