Genova & Dimitrov Piano Duo
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Rachmaninoff As Never Before

On the occasion of its 25th Birthday Anniversary, the Piano Duo Genova & Dimitrov realizes this year a fervent wish with a genuine mammoth project taking the pianists to their emotional limits in a form that has never been witnessed in the music world before: the two exceptional artists have recorded on cpo Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Complete Works for Piano Duo as a double CD. The manifold colors in these pieces full of musical ideas are just spectacular… trully a captivating affair of the heart and an hommage to their idol Rachmaninoff. But nobody can describe this music better than the pianists themselves: 
"«Rachmaninoff's Second Suite, Schubert's Fantasy, Mozart's Sonata!», this was the authoritative answer that we, being Postgraduate students at the Hanover University of Music, received at the end of 1995 from our teacher, the piano legend Vladimir Krainev, to our question which works we could prepare for our first piano duo competition. At that time we would have never imagined that almost 25 years later from these few words the idea for this grand project would develop – a project we are now so particularly proud of." 
And justifiably so. Their impressive interpretations of the whole wide range of diverse compositions display Rachmaninoff’s multifacetedness in all its emotionally incredible, supercharged glory.


▪ 11.DEC 2020: Great appreciation for our recent CD from Switzerland
"REFERENCE RECORDING" says Musik & Theater, the leading Swiss culture magazine about #RachmaninoffComplete. ♥♥ Vielä Dank!
Musik&Theater Magazine Switzerland

▪ 10.DEC 2020: ⭐ So deeply moved that #RachmaninoffComplete's music brings further on so much light and hope in human's life! ⭐
Thank you "Pianist Magazine" & "Pianist Magazin" and Eric Schoones for this great review!!!
Pianist Magazine Netherlands

▪ 19.NOV 2020: Sometimes it is just impossible to only quote from a press review,...
as it is impossible to find the best part of jewel ?? Thank you so much Huntley Dent & Fanfare Magazine USA! Very special thanks to Michael Breugst (Executive Producer), Stefan Hahn (Recording Supervisor), Caroline Ranke & Burkhard Schmilgun (cpo)!!!
Fanfare Magazine USA

▪ 15.NOV 2020: ❤️❤️? Thank you Jed Distler and "ClassicsToday" !!!
Classics Today USA

▪ 8.NOV 2020: The great news from America just never end!!!
American Record Guide about #RachmaninoffComplete American Record Guide USA

▪ 7.OCT 2020: Austria wakes up with Rachmaninoff! ?☀️
The Austrian Radio ORF Ö1 selects our #RachmaninoffComplete recordings for the popular "Good Morning Austria!" broadcasting USA

▪ 30.SEP 2020: Incredible first US review on #RachmaninoffComplete
«How many duos are there that can do this? Thank goodness there is at least this one!», what a first reaction from the USA! Thank you so much Dr. Mark J. Estren and! ?? USA

▪ 28.SEP 2020: Viva la #Musica! Viva #Rachmaninoff! Viva #Italia! ?? ?
#RachmaninoffComplete has been awarded the top 5 Stars of Italy's leading classical music magazine "Rivista Musica"
Rivista Musica 5 Stars 2020-10-

▪ 23.SEP 2020: «It was as if we had been given wings!» ???
The celebration season has begun with a MDR Radio Leipzig portrayal - Dr. Michael Kuhlmann in an interview with the Artists about their view on the music and the piano duo, about the philosophy behind this unique genre, about the #RachmaninoffComplete CD recordings and the future plans, and about much more others.
MDR Radio Leipzig portrayal

▪ 6.SEP 2020: #RachmaninoffComplete Sound Carousel has ended
After having reached out more than 250.000 fans and followers of the Artists worldwide only within 23 days the #RachmaninoffComplete Sound Carousel has ended as announced. Genova & Dimitrov are very happy to announce the 5 Winners who will receive the personally signed copies of the CD #RachmaninoffComplete: Alexandra Conus Brochard, Cristina Cavalletti, Maria Dukanova, Tinka Kuhn, Joris van Maldeghem. Sincere congratulations! ???
RachmaninoffComplete Sound Carousel Drawing Lot    IDAGIO RachmaninoffComplete Sound Carousel Signing CDs

28.AUG 2020: «Aglika et Liuben: Vraiment comme un conte de fée» France Musique Radio
«Aglika and Liuben: Trully like a fairytale»,
comment Rodolphe Bruneau-Boulmier and Emilie Munera about #RachmaninoffComplete in their brilliant France Musique Radio program "En pistes !"
FranceMusique En Pistes!

6.AUG 2020: The race #RachmaninoffComplete Sound Carousel is on!
The integral showcase of the 1-minute-long excerpts of all 23 IDAGIO tracks from the CD #RachmaninoffComplete has been launched. Graphically accompanied by selected photos of the Artists of four different international photographers, every day during the period 6 - 28.August 2020 a new track will be published on both Facebook & IGTV/Instagram. At the end of August a lottery drawing will be held among the most active Followers, Listeners and Fans of the Duo, and 5 of them will receive by mail as present the CD signed personally by Aglika Genova & Liuben Dimitrov. Have much fun and joy!
RachmaninoffComplete Sound Carousel

28.JUL 2020: Very happy to see #RachmaninoffComplete also on iTunes ! ???? ›››

26.JUL 2020: Already on Spotify !!! ???✨ Enjoy #RachmaninoffComplete ! ›››

21.JUL 2020: #RachmaninoffComplete nominated for the OPUS KLASSIK 2020 Award in 3 categories!
The message of Rachmaninoff's music is deeply personal and universal, likewise. These are the three OPUS KLASSIK 2020 Award categories #RachmaninoffComplete has been nominated for

18.JUL 2020: Genova & Dimitrov on BNR Bulgarian National Radio "Encore" Program about #RachmaninoffComplete & many others
Great talk & terrific choice of music in this very special BNR Bulgarian National Radio broadcasting dedicated to the Duo with radio host Tatyana Ivanova! «ENCORE - the exeptional piano duo Aglika Genova and Liuben Dimitrov in interview from their home in Germany are the guests of the 2 hours large BNR cult brodcasting. Besides being remarkable artists and teachers the two pianists are also amazing people. The harmony between them is absolutely evident not only when they play but also when they talk.» Enjoy music of Rachmaninoff, JChrBach, Mendelssohn, Vladigerov, Bruch, and Czerny. Part 1 ››› | Part 2 ›››

▪ 12.JUL 2020: #RachmaninoffComplete on BBC Radio 3
Heart-touching "Romance" from Rachmaninoff's 2.Suite in C minor for 2 pianos. Special thanks to BBC Radio 3 & Sean Rafferty for this appreciation and the great music choice from #RachmaninoffComplete
BBC Radio 3 InTune

▪ 9.JUL 2020: Great start of the day!
The CD #RachmaninoffComplete is "New Release Special Selection" of Radio Leipzig MDR Kultur
mdrKultur Spezial

5.JUL 2020: Great Britain in love with #RachmaninoffComplete
«Grand show of fantasy and drama. Marvellous playing!» says Rob Challinor in a spectacular review for the British Music Magazine MusicWeb International

29.JUN 2020: PianoNews Magazine with Top Review on #RachmaninoffComplete
«Splendid Rachmaninoff Album»: Hans-Dieter Grunefeld appraises the CD with the maximum 6-Points Rating in his dazzling PianoNews-Review
PianoNews 2020

11.JUN 2020: «With this Duo Rachmaninoff's music is in the best hands», Gregor Willmes in Fono Forum
Gregor Willmes' clear conclusion of his 5-stars review on #RachmaninoffComplete - the "Star Of The Month" of Fono Forum Music Magazine June/July
FonoForum Star of the Month 2020

10.JUN 2020: #RachmaninoffComplete is the "Star Of The Month" of Fono Forum
The new June/July outfit of the Duo as "Star Of The Month" of the Fono Forum Music Magazine
FonoForum Star of the Month 2020  FonoForum Star of the Month 2020

5.JUN 2020: «The Perfect Duo»: Radio Luxemburg about #RachmaninoffComplete
Luxemburg has been always one of the Duo's favourite places on earth. The great recognition from Radio 100,7 Luxemburg - #RachmaninoffComplete has been appraised "CD of the Day" - only intensifies these feelings
«The Perfect Duo»: Radio Luxemburg 2020

1.JUN 2020: 4 Stars for #RachmaninoffComplete from! ›››

27.MAY 2020: Austria warmly welcoming #RachmaninoffComplete
The recording has been nominated "CD of the Day" of Vienna's Radio klassik Stephansdom
Radio klassik Stephansdom Vienna 2020

22.MAY 2020: «Resonant performances. Highly recommended» New Classics, UK 
How exciting - the very first English review on #RachmaninoffComplete !!!
«Resonant performances. Highly recommended» New Classics, UK

18.MAY 2020: «CD of the Week» of Radio Berlin Brandenburg
has been selected as «CD of the Week» of Radio Berlin Brandenburg rbbKultur ausgewählt. Ulrike Jährling: «Pure piano romanticism. Sound pearls, delicately woven tone carpets, wit and constantly lots of emotions. Scenes of a marriage»
«CD of the Week» of Radio Berlin Brandenburg «CD of the Week» of Radio Berlin Brandenburg

2.MAY 2020: #RachmaninoffComplete is "CD Recommendation" of Sven Godenrath's Opernratgeber, Hamburg ›››

23.APR 2020: ClicMag France
This is how France reacts on #RachmaninoffComplete ! Merci beaucoup Clic Musique Magazine et Jean Dandrésy!
ClicMag France

21.APR 2020: Klassik Heute Music Magazine: 3x10
Artistic Quality: 10 • Sound Quality: 10 • Overall Quality: 10 • #RachmaninoffComplete is Klassik Heute Music Magazine's Recommendation
Klassik Heute Music Magazine: 3x10

19.APR 2020: "Selected by SWR2 Radio Stuttgart"
is "Selected by SWR2 Radio Stuttgart" and Kerstin Gebel: «An outstanding duo! Big moments on the piano.» Music: Tarantella from Suite #2 ›››

17.APR 2020: «CD Recommendation» of Bavarian Radio Munich
#RachmaninoffComplete has been announced «CD Recommendation» of Bavarian Radio Munich BR-KLASSIK and Oswald Beaujean: «Fantastic! Played so imaginatively and vivaciously, so rich in sound colors, so clearly structured, and without any whiff of sentimentality, Rachmaninov turns into an ecstatic celebration. Caution: Danger of getting addicted!»
«CD Recommendation» of Bavarian Radio Munich «CD Recommendation» of Bavarian Radio Munich

14.APR 2020: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Newspaper reports
«Easter For Four Hands!» Lotte Thaler's sensational press review about #RachmaninoffComplete in one of the world's leading newspapers: «Furioso technique... Rhythmical incisiveness... A moving-to-tears cantabile, and a literally masochistic love to each, no matter how breaknecking phrase»
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Newspaper reports

8.APR 2020: #RachmaninoffComplete nominated for the Best List of the German Recording Critics Award !
Nomination for the Best List of the German Recording Critics Award

29.MAR 2020: On air in 10 different languages
BNR Bulgarian National Radio with large presentation of the double CD "Sergei Rachmaninoff - Complete Works for Piano Duo" & interview of Radio Bulgaria host Albena Bezovska  EN  |  DE  |  ES  |  FR  |  RU  |  GR  |  SR  |  TR  |  AL  |  BG  

23.MAR 2020: Radio Bremen and Wilfried Schäper with CD Special Recommendation for #RachmaninoffComplete 
"Exquisite musical delight... Rachmaninoff himself had often played with Vladimir Horowitz at two pianos - I could hardly imagine that it would have sounded better than Genova-Dimitrov."
Radio Bremen and Wilfried Schäper with CD Special Recommendation for RachmaninoffComplete

20.MAR 2020: 5 Stars for #RachmaninoffComplete from Pizzicato Magazine Luxembourg
5 Stars for RachmaninoffComplete from Pizzicato Magazine Luxembourg

16.MAR 2020: The first review on #RachmaninoffComplete by jpc Top 10 Reviewer Meiernberg (5 of 5 Stars)
"It's just great! This music needs true virtuosos. Genova & Dimitrov are the absolutely right interpreters who did this recordings to their affair of the heart. One can hear it in every single sound. Colourful and inventive play... Emotions, thoughtfulness, dazzling piano technique. Top Notch!"
The first review on RachmaninoffComplete by jpc Top 10 Reviewer Meiernberg (5 of 5 Stars)

27.FEB 2020: #RachmaninoffComplete No.1 in the recent cpo Charts!
RachmaninoffComplete No.1 in the recent cpo Charts

24.FEB 2020: The New World Premiere Double CD of Genova & Dimitrov «Sergei Rachmaninoff  Complete Works for Piano Duo» has been released!








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